About us - Who we are


Our Company

listen2myradio was established in 2006 as the first free shoutcast hosting company on the internet, and even today listen2myradio remains the biggest free shoutcast hosting company in existence. More than one million users have signed up to listen2myradio for both our free and premium services. We specialize in all aspects of streaming over the internet.

listen2myradio gives you the best radio streaming, video streaming and website hosting service available on the internet and worldwide.

Customer Service

We would not be where we are today without our customers. That’s why our top priority is customer satisfaction.
Whether for support or billing, you will always receive the best customer service. We believe listening is not just essential to keep our customers happy, but crucial for helping us grow as a company.
Our polite and professional support team are happy to help you with any problem, or just to help you use our service to its maximum.

Our Network

To give you the best service worldwide you need servers close to you. That’s why we have our servers in the U.K., Germany, Canada and the U.S.A., with excellent connections to surrounding countries. Our U.S.A. servers have an excellent connection to South America. All our servers are minimum quad cores and we update them all the time to ensure they are powerful enough to guarantee our customers the quality they require. Most of our servers are now connected with 1GB lines.

Unlike other companies, listen2myradio’s radio programs can be heard smoothly and with a minimum of buffering.

99.9% Uptime

When we guarantee 99.9% uptime, we are willing to back up our claim. If you have downtime for more than 0.01% of the time, we will compensate you. That’s how sure we are about our network. All our servers include Raid 1 hard disks, so that even if a disk goes down, the server will continue, and your service will not have the slightest interruption.

Technology Used